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Taxi und Transfers

Service you can rely on

We offer high-quality business and private transport services throughout the Salzburg area at attractive prices.

But what sets us apart from others in the industry? Very easily! We keep our word. With an excellent fleet and trained and friendly staff, we are all about good service and quality. Take a look below at our list of services that we would like to offer you.



Taxi fleet

Unser Service




As you know it - only better. A single trip describes a completely normal taxi ride. You can book these with us either by phone or online.

Similarly, pre-orders are possible. You can pay with us in cash and by credit or debit card.


With an airport transfer, you can also share a vehicle and thus the costs with others.

You will still be picked up at your doorstep. Of course, the trip takes a little longer than a private trip, as other guests may be picked up on the route - but the price difference is often more than worth it.


You book our airport transfer by specifying your desired pick-up time and your flight number and we will pick you up directly in the arrival hall at the airport. The driver will wait for you with a sign with your specified name on it and take you to your desired destination.


Similar to an airport transfer, we will pick you up at the train station and the driver will accompany you to our vehicle. Since there are several entrances and exits at the station, we urgently ask for your contact number so that the driver can call you if necessary so that you can find yourself even more easily.




Many companies already enjoy our advantages - be the next

Carefree full service

So that you can concentrate on your actual work and use your employees even more productively - we take care of everything relating to the transport service.

We will inform you which necessary data we need - you book - and we keep an eye on everything else. Likewise, flight delays or the like no longer burden you, as we check this continuously.

Constant accessibility

No contact person there? Not with us. When booking, you will receive both the contact details of our drivers and an emergency hotline from our headquarters. So you always have a contact person.

All services on one monthly invoice

No matter which of our many services you need or use for your company. You will receive a monthly total invoice with a clear and complete list of the services.

state-of-the-art software

As an end customer, you, too, benefit from our modern scheduling and vehicle technology.

Regardless of whether it is an individual or a large order - this makes coordinating our vehicles even easier for us. In our system we can call up many necessary details and present all possible queries about invoicing in a comprehensible manner.

Online Taxibestellung



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Vielen Dank! Wir werden Ihre Anfrage so schnell wie möglich bearbeiten und melden uns dann mit einer Bestätigung!

Sollten Sie keine Bestätigung erhalten oder die Taxibestellung sehr kurzfristig sein - so bitten wir unsere Hotline +436246/8844 zu kontaktieren. Diese ist 24/7 erreichbar.

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